I see me!
I see me coming out.
Coming out of that dark place called a box.

Oooo, where the light at?
I need to see so to climb my way out.
Maybe if I make a hole in the wall of this box, I can begin to tear it down alot easier.

But oooo! This ain’t easy.
What this box made from?
This a tough one here!
Never the less, the wall of this box gotta be torn down.

I wanna see!
I wanna see what I’ve been missing.
Oooo chile, I know something great is out there waiting for me to see. I just need to musta up that mental strength and I’ll be alright.
Soon enough, the walls of this box will be torn all the way down.

Oooo I excited!
Never been outside before.
I didn’t even realise; that really, these have been prison walls….
My prison walls…

Well…..when you know no better, you believe that all you know is all there is.
Be careful my chile..
Be careful.

Mind you been tricked; can keep you from your riches, from your health and from your wealth.

Ooooo, I’m excited!
It’s like tearing open a present; anxious to see what’s inside.
Only this time, I’m inside anxious to see what’s outside this box.
I wonder what I’ll find…….