Bus Pass

It was a Friday morning in the year 2006 when I decided to return to work, after being at home the whole week with flu.  You see, I had caught a draught during my sleep last Saturday night. When I had woken the Sunday morning, I had the most uncomfortable sore throat.  I found it hard to swallow and on top of that, my head was pounding with tension.  Because of this, I stayed home on Monday instead of attending the education centre where I had volunteered as an administrator and teacher – well, the teacher part was offered to me really.  Despite this, I worked my paid job the following day with total regret. 

Later that night, after returning home from work, my throat began to feel  worst than ever before.  My voice began to deepen with that sexy husky tone but my thoat deepended with discomfort.  I then made the decision to stay home the rest of the week until I felt recovered.  Being cooped up in the house for two days without any fresh air, made me feel all the more to return back to work.

I had it in my head that my travel pass had expired Thursday, which was the day before.  Not only that, but it was the first month of the year, so that meant that all travels fares had gone up – again.  Because I had been at home most of the week, I didn’t have any money on me.  I then asked my mother to lend me some money until I returned home from work that day.  

Confidently, I walked to the shop where I regularly buy my bus pass.  Knowing that I may not have enough money in my purse, I asked the shop attendant, “How much for a monthly buss pass?”  Continue reading “Bus Pass”