It’s amazing how in life, things happen which does not make any sense to us but yet we go with the flow because we feel a sense of pulling or  tugging to take a step in a specific direction.

I’d like to share a story with you which I like to refer to as Doors. (I have used alternative names to protect the identity of those related to the story)

In February 2008, I was made redundant! Well, really, it was an unfair dismissal but I guess God knows best. You see I was miserable in my job and was consistently moaning and asking God to help me to get out. I hated going to work but I wasn’t looking for another job either. It seems God was tired of me asking Him for help and not actually doing anything about it; so I was dismissed. (Be careful what you ask for…)

I had just lost my mother the end of 2007; and just was not ready to go back to work. Anyway to cut a long story short, I was out of work for two years with the exception of a three month temporary position the end of 2008. During the time I was in redundancy and was job hunting, I was feeling very drawn to work for the NHS. I would go to the job centre and apply for numerous jobs at the NHS but was never shortlisted.

It was a time I used to look down at myself; I tried to move forward in certain areas in my life, especially with my musical/creative side. I was also feeling drawn to connect with an old college mate; David Anderson who I sang with in college. I was thinking that maybe we were to do a song together but I didn’t know how to connect with him because I did not have his contact details and wasn’t in contact with anyone else from the college who may have had his details. I searched for him on Facebook but to no avail.

Anyway, I also wanted to develop myself and do things that I would not normally do; so I began to climb out of my comfort box and take steps I wouldn’t usually take. The first step was attending an old friend’s house-warming party, solo. This, I call Door No1……

Door No 1 – The House Warming/ BBQ party
I was on Facebook and an old time friend whom I had not seen for a very long time had sent me an invitation to attend his and his wife’s House warming/BBQ party. It was nice to receive this invitation and felt that it would be good to see them after all these years. I wanted to go; only thing was, I had no one to go with. I didn’t want to go alone, although I was sure there would be people there that I knew; but I wasn’t so sure.

I thought I’d check to see who they had invited and clicked the attending button. I made contact with another friend on Facebook and we got chatting. I mentioned about the House warming/BBQ party and he learnt he had received the invite also. He said he was thinking of going himself and we decided to link up. He later on changed his mind and I was feeling doomed again. Who was I gonna go with? I even decided that I may not go if I didn’t find a companion. In the end, I made the decision to attend by myself and I syked myself up because not only did I really want to go, I wanted to get out of a trap that had been holding me back all my life; I would not go anywhere unless I had someone to go with. It was just the way my mother brought me up.

I attended the House warming/BBQ party and of course there were a lot of people there that I knew but had not seen in years. It was a little bit like a re-union for me. I even met a few nice people. One of the people that I hadn’t seen in years was Carly. It was so nice to see her and she invited me to her 30th birthday party that was coming up in September.

I went to the birthday party and was pleased that I was bold enough to attend on my own; this time I was reacquainted with her family whom I hadn’t seen in years. Also some of the people I met at the House warming/BBQ party were in attendance. It was nice, just responding to an invite and not bothering to ask other friends to accompany me. I had a great time! This leads to Door No 2……

Door No 2 – The Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) show
I received a call from Carly around December asking if I was interested in being part of a gospel choir that her friend was putting together for the show Britain’s Got Talent. I wasn’t busy at that point in my life and I thought why not, it would give me a chance to meet new people, plus I hadn’t had any gigs in a while and I missed singing.

The choir director of the BGT choir admired my professionalism and asked me to join his personal choir. He said that he liked my attitude during the rehearsal and the auditions. Naturally I said OK; as I said, I had not been singing for a while and I was not currently working. This then leads to Door No 3…….

Door No 3 – The Choir 
I was able to accept most of the forthcoming gigs since I was not working and made friends with the choir members. There was this one particular lady, Beverly, who mentioned that she never had problems taking time off work to attend a gig because her boss was also into music and allowed her time off with ease to attend her gigs. I remember thinking, “Wow! I wish I could have a boss like that”.

We had a big concert coming up later in the year and was advertising the event on Facebook via the choir group. I sent out updated information to all who added themselves to the group. From sending this message, I received a message from an old college mate David Anderson. I could not believe it. I wanted to connect with him and could not find him on Facebook before and now he has found me because of the message I sent. Now let’s enter Door no 4..

Door No 4 – David Anderson
David and I exchanged numbers on Facebook, we spoke and we caught up with each other. He learnt that I was not currently working and he surprised me by saying that he had his own consultancy company who were currently consulting for the NHS and that he was looking for staff. He mentioned that he had interviewed people; they looked great on paper (CV) and sounded great in the interview but when it came to delivering the service, they were not good. He asked if I was interested in the job role. I said sure. Because of his pass experience, he said that he was not going to interview me but have me come in and see how I do for the week. If I’m liked, he’ll keep me on.

As I begin working for David, I realised that I didn’t have the yearning to connect to him for music but rather for him to introduce me to the NHS.

Beverly whom I had met in the choir with the “great boss” also worked in the same team. David Anderson was her boss.  As always, I was shocked at how small the world is and now I have this great boss. I stayed with David for 10 months.

Door No 5 – The NHS
Due to the NHS was cutting back on consultancy/contract staff in my department, David gave me his blessings to interview for a full time position within the team and I got the job. I have now been employed by the NHS for a few years now.

I have always felt deep in my heart that there is a reason as to why I was to work for the NHS. I have not yet come to the conclusion as to why but when I do, I’m sure it will be great. Watch this space for a Part 2…….