I’m tired!
Breathless due to the exhaustion.
Can I take a seat?
I can’t run anymore.
I have nothing left in me.
I’ve been running and running for far too long
I’m hanging up up my running shoes.
Wait! Or was I running in heels??

You have gone on too far before me
It’s evident you didn’t want me to catch up with you.
I can’t do this no more.

Taking my seat,
I sit, reflecting at myself.
I’ve been chasing the wrong ones for far too long.
Why have I been chasing you?
Have I been that desperate?

Well, no more!
I’m done!
I’m running after me now.
I’s about time…..
Would be great to catch up with me.

Bye you!
Hello me!
Me? Yes you!
I’m chasing after you now…..