Relationships can be the hardest thing to come across especially romantic relationships.

I was watching a dating programme on TV recently; First Dates Hotels and saw a familiar face I had not seen in a while. I had met her in my early twenties when I was in a relationship with an ex at the time; infact, I met this lady through my then boyfriend.

Anyhoo, it was interesting to see someone that I had known from a few years back to put themselves on TV to find “love”. Actually, I think that was a brave and bold thing to do especially with the background that she has – which I will not share ….sorry!!

On the show, it states that she is 38 years old. While introducing herself to her date, she mentioned that the longest relationship that she had was 6 months, yes 6 months! When asked why that was, she said, I don’t know, she thought things were going good with a guy but then he had ended it. Sad when that happens isn’t it?

Now while most people’s eyes would have popped out of its sockets at this piece of information, as mine did to be honest; I then reflected back on the time when I had first met her. I thought she was an ok type of person at the time; pretty, funny always smiling and laughing and a great vocalist, something we had in common. I even thought we had got on but to my surprise, my boyfriend at the time later on told me that  she did not like me and had warned him to be careful of me.


What did I do for her to give such a warning!!!!

By then, my boyfriend and I had dated for a while, so I was thinking, “well I’m sure he knows me well enough to know there is nothing to worry about”. When I had asked him, “why did she say that?”, he shrugged his shoulders with a “I don’t know” expression on his face and said “I guess she’s just looking out for me”. “Hmmmm”, was my response.

Of course I was disappointed to hear what this lady had said at the time. While watching the show, I was thinking how many more men had she warned about their girlfriends, hmm???? Was this karma coming back at her?

I had forgiven her about this situation a long time ago, and even had a conversation about it to her to clear up the mess.

I wish this lady all the best in this area of her life; we all know it can be difficult. Regardless of how people are towards each other, we all need a bit of love and affection, and I wish her all the best.

So the question some of us ask is, “Am I datable? Is there anyone out there who wants me? The question is, would you want you? Sincerely, if you sat down for a moment and really looked deep, deep within yourself, would you really want someone who is like you? If yes then that is great. If no, then ask yourself why and maybe work towards the person YOU will find more loveable about yourself and then in turn, love may just show up.

Love & Peace to All Xx                dating2