In life we sometimes get the same life lesson over and over but fail to see it as a lesson.

Reflecting back on an incident that happened one morning on the wat to work; I was determined to get on the train at a particular time so I can get to work for a particular time. As I neared the stationed, I realised the barriers were about to go down (a sign the train is entering the station) so I began to run to ensure I caught this particular train. As I was running the barriers went down so now I had to take an alternative route to enter the platform. Running even faster now, I took the alternative route which was a down hill slope and thought this is great; my trolley (business case) was following suit making the run easier. However this down hill route must have been too much for the trolley; it twisted and I tripped over it and fell to the ground.
The fall was bad enough; my tights were ripped, both knees bleeding and clothes filthy dirty; I’m thinking I’ll have to to home and clean up.
My mother’s words came to mind ” haste make waste”. It sure did this time. I was so close to the train yet had to return.
I limped back home with it in mind to get myself cleaned up then make my way back to work.
This experience was a lesson for me and I hope for many who maybe reading this. In life we have our set goals and sometimes we get close to the finishing line yet obstacles keep coming in our way, hindering us to make it to the goal. Sometimes we just wanna give up, giving power to the obstacle. I say “DON’T”. When obstacles come your way. Brush yourself of and keep going, eventually you’ll reach your goal even if a little later than planned.
Keep going, keep pushing.
Be blessed. Xx