Can you be someone who informs, instruct, guides someone to their destiny when you’re not putting in the practice yourself?  For many years I’ve always wanted to help people; that has always been my love and passion from childhood; aswell as singing. Thing is, I’ve been stalling or procrastinating, telling myself that in order to help others, I need to help myself first OR that I can’t help others without getting help myself.

I recently read a blog from an acquaintances daughter. While reading it, I realised that I’m not the only one going through what I’m going through. Like me, she also created her blog to try and get herself on the road to recovery, developing her creative flow. While reading it, a light bulb popped on in my head showing me that I’ve been making too many excuses. Yes this is true! Twenty; possibly more years later I’ve been still singing that same ole worn out song, sounding like an ole scratched vinyl;  with it comes  blame on others, self pity, I shoulda coulda woulda’s, the “only ifs…” and all of that jazz….

I then acknowledged that a colleague of mine has a tendency of confiding in me and asking for advice; can I add that she actually takes the advice and I gotta say, I do find my enjoyment or my peace when I’m able to offer that help so freely. So; then, if it’s good enough for her (amongst others who appreciate what I say in general conversation) why on earth am I holding myself back??? Enough is enough! No more excuses. Food for Thought – No More Excuses