I am in a space were I’m battling back and forth with what steps I should take with my career. In fact, I do not know the steps I should take.

I recently  moved into a new role (3 months now), but I had to take it upon myself to study a specific course to become qualified; it was the only way to be shortlisted for an interview and also to receive a possible yes from the interview panel. The course is however on-going.

I was in a previous role for about 7 years and there was no growth or movement. I went to work feeling low, knowing that the day ahead was not going to challenge me. I felt like a robot. You know that feeling, when you can do your job sleeping?? Thing is, at the time I started my current course, a couple months later, I after had an urge to become a Health Advisor.

You see the same year this happened; I had a little breakdown where I was then diagnosed with mild to moderate depression. Mild; because I was already in the process of trying to find ways to conquer

the depression on my own. During this time of research, I learnt that certain foods (processed and un-natural) are a big contributor to depression as well as many other illnesses. I was intrigued and continued my research. Long story short, I begin to see that a lot of the information which I was learning was not easily out there, especially from the Medical world and felt compelled to become a Health Coach. I told myself, “Ok, once I finish this course, I can then begin to do an evening course in Health and Nutrition”. Unfortunately for me, this current course is still going a year later where it should have been completed by now.

I have to say, it is with much struggle that I am doing this course; on top of that it’s so intense. I came to the realisation that the truth of the matter is, deep down I no longer want to do the course; the course has run its course (sorry, that was terrible wasn’t it….lol).

Anyway, I have an exam very very close to this day that I am writing this and I cannot concentrate or focus to retrieve any information. I see the words on the sheet; and I’m sure I’m reading the words but NOTHING!!! Did I also mention that the organisation I work for is paying for the course and the boss has expectations from me which makes this even more difficult; I’m feeling the pressure to say the least and kinda…. trapped!